Clean Currents at 2 Events in DC this Weekend!

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Clean Currents booth at the Van Ness farmer’s market Green Home Expo this past Saturday and the Adam’s Morgan Day festival yesterday. It was great to see so many people excited about wind and solar for their homes! 

Here are some of the most common questions about Chesapeake Green from people who stopped by the booth: 

Q. I don’t have room for a windmill, how can I possibly use wind power? 

A. You do not have to install a windmill in your back yard to switch to wind power! Through clean currents, you can purchase wind power renewable energy credits (RECs or “green tags”), which means you are supporting wind power being added to the grid. One way to think about this is to imagine a bowl of M&Ms of different colors. The bowl is the electric grid and the M&Ms are all the electrons. The green M&Ms in the bowl represent electrons produced by wind power. By buying power through Clean Currents, you are adding more green M&Ms to the bowl (ie adding more wind power generated electrons to the grid). For more about RECs see the Green 101 section of the Clean Currents website. 

Q. I don’t think I can sign up to get wind power because I do not own my home. Can renter’s use C-Green?

A. YES! Even if you live in an apartment which you do not own, you can sign up for C-Green and switch to wind power through Clean Currents! As long as you pay you pay your own electricity bill through PEPCO or BGE and live in Maryland or DC, you are eligible to sign up

Q. I would love to switch to wind power for environmental purposes, but can I afford it?

Guess what: you will probably save money by switching to wind power! Clean Currents offers fixed rate contracts for 1 or 2 years and the rates we have secured are currently lower than PEPCO and BGE rates! Also, because the rates are fixed, you wont see the seasonal fluctuation you may have noticed with your utility bills. The website has full details and the current rates, which you can compare to your rates on your bill. 

Q. I might be moving in the next year, but I’m not sure. Should I still sign up for a one year contract?

A. If you move, there is no penalty and the contract is terminated, so go ahead and sign up! 

Feel free to ask any other questions in the comment section of this post!


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