Skepticism, Climate-Gate and Copenhagen

Posted on December 11, 2009. Filed under: News | Tags: , |

In the lead up to the Copenhagen Climate conference which kicked off this past Monday, there was a lot of buzz about what has come to be known as “climate-gate”. 

Shortly before the conference, hackers released of files and emails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in which some scientists questioned particular data and talked about preventing the publicaiton of colleague’s papers that may have presented altnernative viewpoints. Climate change skeptics took this data and ran with it, with everyone from Sarah Palin, to Saudi Arabia citing it as evidence that human induced climate change is a hoax.  The scientific community has vocalized its opposition to this claim and as Andrew Revkin and John Broder from the NYtimes GreenInc blog explain:

“In recent days, an array of scientists and policy makers have said that nothing so far disclosed — the correspondence and documents include references by prominent climate scientists to deleting potentially embarrassing e-mail messages, keeping papers by competing scientists from publication and making adjustments in research data — undercuts decades of peer-reviewed science.”

Still, these attempts to fix the did little to fuel the drama of climate-gate in Copenhagen. As the NY times reports, a group of prominent climate skeptics met at the city during the climate summit. Here are a couple quotes from that meeting:

“Carbon dioxide is only a good thing…More carbon dioxide means more warmth, and more crops, which means more people can be fed. That doesn’t bother me at all” –Phillip Foster, author of While the Earth Endures: Creation, Cosmology and Climate Change

I wonder if Mr. Foster thinks rising sea level and increasingly severe weather patterns are also going to help us humans lead better lives…or maybe he’s just choosing to ignore some key data. How could such a stickler for scientific truths do such a thing?

“They [scientific majority who supports the hypothesis that climate change is human induced] have brainwashed the broader population into believing that they are right…and now we see and hear that they are not right, and that convinces me that it is good that we are here…Also, I hate windmills.”  –Claus Castenskiold, retired gentleman farmer.

I know my personal vendetta against windmills has also led me to question human induced climate change at times…


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