Have you tried the new “eco friendly” disposal hand towels?

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Kimberly Clark, manufacturer of Kleenex has just come out with a new product: Kleenex Hand Towels for the bathroom. They advertise this new product on TV now, by conveying why use the same dirty towel every time  after washing your hands, when you can use a different clean towel every time after washing your hands. Is this what we want our kids to watch? Everytime we wash our hands lets use a different Kleenex hand towel and waste more trees. Let’s also portray hand towels are extremely dirty and full of germs.  

What is ironic to me is on their website Kimberly Clark say that have “long recognized the importance of corporate responsibility and integrated the concept of sustainability in our business practices”… we take concern for the environment and conservation of natural resources seriously… because of the superior softness consumers expect from KLEENEX® Brand, KLEENEX® Brand Hand Towels are made with 100 percent virgin fiber.” I mean let be honest here, are they trying to say disposal towels are non wasteful and good for the environment?

Also, Kimberly Clark thought it would be great to create a  Kleenex Hand Towel sing-a-long for young children:

“My hands are gonna be clean
When I wash and dry with Mommy and sing
This song that’s exactly two clean hands long
Warm water and soap and bubbles that shine
A Kleenex Hand Towel that’s mine all mine
And a song that’s exactly two clean hands long
No yucky old towels gonna ruin my day
I dry my hands the Kleenex towel way
So if your a fan of clean hands too
Roll up your sleeves and I’ll sing with you.”

So I guess it’s bad to reuse towels… Why kind of  message does this send young children about helping the environment?

What can YOU do? Simple: do not buy this product and tell people to not buy it either! If no one buys it, the product will be discontinued!

More Info on other Kimberly Clark acting“sustainable


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