The flipside of going green

Posted on July 23, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Everyone is going green these days…. with their organic groceries, installed solar panels, and brand new Prius hybrid. People often brag to thier neighbors, family,  and friends about what they are doing to help the  environment. Even though you are going green, there is always a flip side of going green. When purchasing those organic groceries, are you driving you SUV just around the corner, or do you keep your television on because your solar panels are providing the electricity?  

“There are so many contradictions in the today’s world, especially when it comes to green issues, said Keith WAre, who has watched with raised eyebrow as Hummers pull up to his environmentally friendly appliance store, Eco-Green Living, near the nuclear free zone. From a threoritical perspective, the research has shown that “its like we can withdraw from out moral banned accounts… “it’s the lens through which you see the rest of your behavior, but it may not even be conscious”

For example, a lot of people who purchase green appliances to seem to overuse them because they think “its okay” because it’s a green appliance. 6 percent of consumers upped clothes washing after getting a high efficiency washer and 33% of people in a study of 500 saw no reductions in their bill after the had greened their homes. 

Does this make us all hypocrites?

More info: Express Article Michael S. Rosenwald (Washington Post)


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