Test Your Eco-IQ!

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The Clean Currents booth was quite popular at Green Fest this past weekend! People were invited to take our Eco-IQ Challenge and those who scored high enough won a free “Get Plugged In” T-shirt. Try it for yourself right now!

What is Your ECO IQ?

1. What is the current value of the Federal Investment Tax Credit for a solar energy installation?

a)      20%                b) 30%                 c) 70%                   d) 10%

2. Besides Maryland and DC, how many states in the US have Renewable Portfolio Standards?

a)      10                   b) 40                      c) 30                       d) 1

3. About how much electricity can be saved by switching from an incandescent to a CFL ligthbulb?

a)      75%                b) 25%                  c) 90%                   d) 10%

4. With an average 4kW photovoltaic solar energy system what percent of the total cost gets paid for by government incentives?

a)      20%                b)  39%                 c) 13%                   d) 57%

5. In the lingo of renewable portfolio standards, what does the acronym “SREC” stand for?

a)      Solar Reusable Electricity Certificate b) Sun Ray Electric Connection c) Solar Renewable Energy Credit d) Solar Ready Environment Credit

6. True or False: On a sunny summer day, the state of Maryland receives more energy from the sun than is generated by all of the state’s power plants annually.

7. What is the significance of the number 350 in green circles (like 350.org)?

a.       Target PPM to avoid major climate change
b.      Number of times Ted Glick has been arrested protesting pollution
c.       Years it takes for plastic bottles to decompose.
d.       Millions of dollars Exxon-Mobil donates to climate skeptics.

8. Which country generated the most wind power in 2008?

a) US                   b) China               c) Denmark         d) Germany

9. True or False: If you install a grid-interconnected solar photovoltaic system at your home or office, you will receive a credit from your utility for the electricity your system generates?

10. What was the oil giant British Petroleum (BP) trying to rebrand itself as, in 2001?

a. Better Petrol     b. Beautiful People   c. Beyond Petroleum   d. Beatles Power


Answers: 1 – B, 2 – C, 3 – A, 4 – D, 5 – C, 6 – True, 7- A, 8 – A, 9 – True, 10 – C

How did you do!?
Please share your questions and comments!



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I really liked the questions! I got 8 of the 10 correct. What would be nice is if everyone knew how & where to apply for the tax credits and government incentives.

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