Make Everyday Earth Day

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Today, we held an educational webinar with information on how to incorporate environmentally friendly habits into one’s daily life. Here are a few highlights…

Jason Schwartz, President of B.Kind Organic and Natural Foods, spoke about living sustainably and what it takes to adopt the practices we hear so much about. Schwartz said we need to make the commitment personal. Don’t just try to do something because you think you have to; define how that action is meaningful to you. Whatever you choose to do should be something you care about and should become something you enjoy doing. This will also ensure you continue to keep that practice a part of your life!

Edward Stierli from Repower at Home discussed energy efficiency and VAMPIRE POWER! Did you know that simply keeping electronics plugged-in, even when in their “off” mode, still uses power? And did you know that 60% of us never even touch our thermostats other than to turn the system on and off? We can save lots of money and energy by adjusting the temperature at night and when we leave the house – but many of us never even think to do this.

Cheval Force Opp, writer for Washington Gardener Magazine, educated us on composting. We learned about how we may already be composting without even realizing it, the importance of microorganisms, and how to set-up both hot and cold compost piles. You can choose to compost slowly (2 years) or quickly (2 months) depending on the type of pile and how often you want to tend to it. For a healthy and efficient compost pile, it is also key to have a greater proportion of brown (high-nitrogen content) materials such as leaves, paper, and sawdust; and a smaller proportion of green (carbon-rich) materials such grass clippings, fruits and vegetables, and hair.

View the Make Everyday Earth Day PowerPoint.

Learn more About Presenters for Everyday Earth Day


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