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This week’s Clean Currents customer spotlight is on CakeLove in Washington, DC.  Warren Brown (owner) answered our questions below:

1.  Why did you think it was important to support clean, renewable wind energy?

I’ve followed issues of climate change for years, but was moved to tears when I watched Inconvenient Truth. The levels of CO2 in the atmosphere scare me and I wanted to begin working to change my habits to reduce what I’m responsible for. Wind energy makes sense to me. In the bakery we have a lot of ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, but we have to have refrigeration, so clean energy helps me live up to my responsibility to the planet and my community.

2.  Why do you care about global warming and clean energy solutions?

Climate change threatens the existence of the human race, much more than it threatens the existence of the Earth. The planet will survive, but we won’t–certainly not as we know it with more unchecked and uncontrolled global, carbon based, industrialized growth. Caring about global warming is as much about saving ourselves as it is about saving other species. And our goal shouldn’t be just to survive or barely get by with acceptable levels of pollution. A neutral impact ought to be our standard.

3.  Why did you pick Clean Currents?

Gary Skulnik – he made a compelling case for Clean Currents years ago and helped make the switch easy. Clean Currents represents the heart and soul of the Green Revolution. Thoughtful community activism focused on a clear need with a very reasonable solution.

4.  What are actions in your personal or professional life have you taken to reduce your climate impact?

We recycle at work/home. We unplug unused fixtures often – at work and home. I changed to a 35mpg car instead of a 15 mpg pick-up truck. We switched bulbs at home and some at work. I use mass transit when I can (although it never seems to work as well as its touted to).


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